Top Choice Lebanese in Beirut


There are loads of great restaurants in Beirut, but there's only one that commands the respect of every farmer, chef and foodie in the country – and that's Tawlet. Showcasing farm-fresh (often organic) produce and p…
Top Choice Lebanese in Beirut


Epitomising Beiruti chic, Liza serves expertly prepared nouvelle Lebanese food in surroundings that have graced the pages of many international design magazines. Prices are remarkably reasonable considering the qual…
Lebanese in Bekaa Valley

Tawlet Ammiq

Ask any Lebanese foodie to nominate their top choice for a weekend culinary adventure and they are likely to nominate Tawlet Ammiq, the Bekaa Valley branch of Souk el Tayeb, a Beirut-based outfit that runs a farmers…
Lebanese in Byblos

Byblos Fishing Club

A Lebanese institution, the Fishing Club was founded in 1962 by the late Pépé Abed, who features on the photograph-covered wall dandling many a ‘60s film star on his knee. The quality of the food can be hit and miss…
Lebanese in Beirut

Kahwet Leila

Old Beirut lives on through clever recreations such as this chic coffee house, which is designed to evoke the city's 'Paris of the East' past. The menu features mezze and a choice of platters (burgers, shawarma, bro…
Lebanese in Beirut

Aunty Salwa

Though well-endowed with bars and cafes, Hamra isn't known for its restaurants. But if you're here during the day, this tiny place is worth considering for its cheap and tasty home-style cooking. There's always a pl…
Lebanese in Beit Mery & Brummana

Restaurant Mounir

One of the country's most famous restaurants, this classy place just off the highway on the border of Beit Mery and Brummana boasts extensive gardens, a pleasant terrace (equipped with a children’s playground) and s…
Lebanese in Beirut


Head up the wooden staircase to access this huge and ultra-popular restaurant, and then choose between a garden table or one in the attractively decorated front salons. The menu features all of the usual Levantine f…
Lebanese in Beirut

Le Chef

Don’t miss lunch at this beloved Beiruti institution where waiters dish up vast platefuls of ‘workers’ food’ to all and sundry. There’s little atmosphere, but the food is good value.
Lebanese in Tyre

Restaurant al-Fanar

The Hotel al-Fanar plays host to both a pub and a sushi restaurant. The terrace outside the pub is a great choice for a late-afternoon drink.