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Money and costs

Pounds (£)
Exchange Rates
Rates provided by Open Exchange Rates. Last updated December 17, 2018 11:35AM UTC
Daily Costs
Budget (up to)
  • Dorm bed: US$18–28
  • Minibus ride: US$1
  • Mezze dishes US$1–5
  • Museum admission: US$3–7
  • Double room in three-star Beirut hotel: US$100–140
  • Car hire: US$40
  • Restaurant meal with wine: US$40–60 per person
Top end (more than)
  • Double room in boutique hotel: US$170–300
  • Car and driver hire: US$120–180
  • High-end Beirut restaurant: US$60–100 per person
  • Cocktails: US$7–12

ATMs are widely available, and credit cards accepted in most accommodation and higher-end restaurants. US dollars are accepted countrywide.


Tipping is widespread in Lebanon.

  • Hotel porters and parking valets Somewhere around LL4000, depending on the level of service, will be appreciated.

  • Waiters Usually tipped around 10% to 15%, but check your bill before doing so: some places automatically add a 15% service charge.