Arabic/Turkish coffee is particularly popular in Lebanon, while delicious freshly squeezed juices are on offer almost everywhere throughout the summer. Alcohol, too, is widely available; Beirut is awash with craft beer and cocktails, but the most popular alcoholic old-timer is the potent aniseed-flavoured arrack, mixed liberally with water and ice.

Nightlife is excellent in Beirut and along the coast, especially in summer, when rooftop bars and beach clubs are pumping.

Beer & Wine

The standard local beer is Almaza, which lives up to its name (‘diamond’ in Arabic) when served ice-cold. There's a burgeoning craft-beer scene and local wines are impressive – the best-known producers are Chateau Ksara and Chateau Kefraya at the southern end of the Bekaa Valley, and Chateau Musar in Ghazir, north of Beirut. The best of the boutique wineries are DomaineWardy in Zahlé, Massaya near Chtaura and IXSIR near Batroun.