Lebanese in Beit Mery & Brummana

Restaurant Mounir

One of the country's most famous restaurants, this classy place just off the highway on the border of Beit Mery and Brummana boasts extensive gardens, a pleasant terrace (equipped with a children’s playground)...

Music in Beit Mery & Brummana

Al Bustan Festival

Held between mid-February and mid-March, this festival has a varied program of chamber, choral and orchestral music. Many of the festival’s performances take place at the Hotel Al Bustan.

Monastery in Beit Mery & Brummana

Deir El Qalaa

Built over the remains of a Roman temple, this 18th-century Maronite monastery was extensively damaged during the civil war but has been fully restored. A few of the original Roman-era columns remain, one of...