Beirut entertainment

Jazz in Beirut

Blue Note Cafe

This is one of the very best places to hear jazz and blues in Lebanon. Local – and sometimes international – acts perform each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Check the website for the programme.
Horse Racing in Beirut

Beirut Hippodrome

Beirut’s ‘new’ Hippodrome (dating from the 19th century instead of the Roman era) has an extremely chequered past. In the 1960s, it was one of the busiest racetracks in the world; in 1982, it was occupied by the Isr…
Cinema in Beirut

Metropolis Sofil Cinema

Metropolis is Beirut's only art-house cinema, a refreshing breeze in the stale world of corporate franchises. Open since the 1960s, the cinema stayed open during Lebanon's civil war and serves as a geographical land…
Cabaret in Beirut


If you've got the dosh for a big night out, spend it at this Gothic basement cabaret. MusicHall's mysterious owner, the Lebanese-Greek politician/entrepreneur Michel Elefteriades, selects live music acts from around…