Le Grand Brûlé attractions

Viewpoint in Le Grand Brûlé

Le Grand Brûlé Platform

In April 2007, in one of the most violent eruptions ever recorded, an impressive lava flow was formed, about 2km north of Pointe du Tremblet. The road was cut off for several months. It's a primal experience to driv…
Viewpoint in Le Grand Brûlé

Pointe de la Table

In 1986 the lava unusually flowed south of Le Grand Brûlé to reach the sea at Pointe de la Table, a headland that lies a few hundred metres north of Puits Arabe. This eruption added over 30 hectares to the island's …
Viewpoint in Le Grand Brûlé

Puits Arabe

Leaving St-Philippe to the east, you'll first come across Puits Arabe (Wells of the Arabs), a manmade hole in the basaltic rock. It's a popular picnic site, with shelters scattered amid rows of vacoa trees.