Top Choice Church in Liepāja

St Nicholas Maritime Cathedral

The stunning cathedral, with its bulbous cupolas, shines like a precious stone through the grey concrete of the decrepit Soviet apartment blocs that surround it on all sides. It was built in 1901 in the Russian revi…
Historic Building in Liepāja

Karosta Prison

Gluttons for punishment will get a bellyful in this creepy old prison, which operated right up until 1997. Built in 1900 as an infirmary, it was quickly turned into a military prison, even before the building was co…
Museum in Sabile

Pedvāle Open-Air Art Museum

Across the river from Sabile the road climbs to the not-to-be-missed Pedvāle Open-Air Art Museum, located about 1.5km south of the tourist office. Founded in 1991 by Ojars Feldbergs, a Latvian sculptor, the museum s…
Waterfall in Kuldīga

Ventas Rumba (Kuldīga Waterfall)

In a country that is acutely short of verticals but rich on horizontals, landscape features appear to be blatantly two-dimensional – even waterfalls. Spanning 240m, Ventas Rumba is branded Europe's widest, but as it…
Museum in Ventspils

Open-Air Museum of the Coast

For centuries, life in Kurzeme revolved around seafaring and fishing. Occupying vast parkland territory, the museum features a collection of fishing crafts, anchors and traditional log houses, brought from coastal v…
Museum in Sabile

Wooden Toy Museum

Well, this one is way cooler than just another small collection of toys from around the world. The owner, drawing teacher Andris Millers, makes mindboggling kinetic wooden sculptures, including vehicles that each ye…
Museum in Ventspils

House of Crafts

Visitors can learn about the handicrafts of Kurzeme here and watch local artisans spin yarns (literally), before purchasing something to take home with them.
Cave in Kuldīga

Riežupe Sand Caves

Located 5km outside of town along the unpaved Krasta iela, Riežupe Sand Caves feature 460m of labyrinthine tunnels that can be visited by candlelight. They’re a chilly 8°C, so bring a warm sweater. The cave is acces…
Museum in Kuldīga

Kuldīga Historic Museum

Founded by a local German school director, the newly restored museum is housed in what a local legend claims to be Russian pavilion at the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. Its 2nd floor has been redesigned as an apar…
Museum in Liepāja

Liepāja Under Occupation Museum

Traces the bloody history of the Soviet and Nazi occupations in Latvia, with an emphasis on Liepāja. Captions are in Latvian, but no words are needed to explain the powerful images of the 1939–40 deportations to Sib…