Southeastern Latvia attractions

Fortress in Daugavpils

Dinaburg Fortress

Long-neglected in the post-independence years, the riverside citadel has recently undergone a thorough renovation and is now home to the excellent Mark Rothko Art Centre. Built on the orders of tzar Alexander I on t…
Arts Centre in Daugavpils

Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre

Russian imperial architects who built the huge arsenal to store weapons inside Dinaburg Fortress would have been surprised to hear that their creation was destined to become an art gallery named after a local Jew wh…
Christian Site in Daugavpils

Church Hill

Celebrating the city's multiculturalism, churches of four main local Christian denominations face each other on a small hill dissected by 18 Novembra iela. While local Lutherans flock into the red-brick neo-Gothic M…
Historic Site in Daugavpils

Daugavpils Lead Shot Factory

Guns and bullets are not to everyone's liking, but it is the near-extinct ancient technology that makes this odd sight worth a visit. It's all about gravitation. Molten lead is poured from the top of an old brick to…
Cultural Centre in Aglona

Bread Museum

Learn about the history and traditions surrounding traditional Latgalian dark bread, a local staple. Very little English is spoken so it is best to call ahead to arrange a complimentary translator for the one-hour p…
Cultural Centre in Ludza

Ludza Craftsmen Centre

The centre features an excellent selection of locally made handicrafts. The centre has three attached workshops in which local artisans perfect their trade. If you ring ahead, you too can try your hand at time-honou…
Museum in Southeastern Latvia

Andrupene Farmstead Museum

The museum occupies a farm that that remains unaltered since the 1920s, when many Latvians received generous chunks of land in the agrarian reform. Contact it in advance to arrange a traditional Latgale dinner that …
Museum in Daugava River Valley

Andrejs Pumpurs Museum

The museum is dedicated to the man who wrote down (or composed) the story of Lāčplēsis - half-man, half-bear and Latvia's main national hero.