Top Choice European in Rīga


Rīga's ritziest restaurant has served royalty and rock stars (Emperor Akihito, Prince Charles, Elton John) amid its eye-catching van Gogh–inspired decor. The head chef, Martins Ritins, is a stalwart of the Slow Food…
Top Choice Cafe in Rīga


Owned by local chef and TV personality Mārtiņš Sirmais, ‘The Room’ sits in the rafters above a gallery and occasional performance space. There’s no set menu – you’re subject to the cook’s fancy – but expect lots of …
Top Choice Cafe in Rīga


Rīga’s hipster students head here to sip espresso and blog about Nietzsche amid comfy couches and discarded bicycle parts. The two-course lunch is a fantastic deal for penny-pinchers – expect a soup and a main cours…
Top Choice International in Rīga


It's well worth a quick tram ride (take tram 11 and get off at Mēness iela) to this wonderful eatery for multiple small plates of yumminess. The name couldn't be more accurate, with a menu containing the likes of 'T…
Top Choice Modern European in Rīga

Fazenda Bazārs

Although right in the centre, this place feels like you've gone a long way and suddenly found a warm tavern in the middle of nowhere. Complete with a tiled stove, this wooden house oozes megatonnes of charm and the …
Top Choice Modern European in Rīga

3 Pavaru

The stellar trio of chefs who run the show have a jazzy approach to cooking, with improvisation at the heart of the compact and ever-changing menu. The emphasis is on experiment (baked cod with ox-tail stew, anyone?…
Top Choice Modern European in Rīga

Kasha Gourmet

It might be that it does succeed in making the food feel tastier by turning the plate into a piece of modern art, or perhaps it's the post-modernist mixture of ingredients, but this is one of the most unusual and un…
European in Rīga

Ķiploku Krogs

Vampires beware – everything at this joint contains garlic, even the ice cream. The menu is pretty hit-and-miss, but no matter what, it’s best to avoid the garlic pesto spread – it’ll taint your breath for days (tru…
Russian in Rīga

Pelmeņi XL

A Rīga institution for backpackers and after-hours drunkards, this extra-large self-serve eatery stays open extra-late, offering tasty pelmeņi (Russian-style dumplings stuffed with meat) amid Flintstones-meets-Gaudí…
Supermarket in Rīga


The biggest and best-located supermarket in the old town, located within the Gallerija Centrs shopping mall.