Russian in Rīga

Pelmeņi XL

A Rīga institution for backpackers and after-hours drunkards, this extra-large self-serve eatery stays open extra-late, offering tasty pelmeņi (Russian-style dumplings stuffed with meat) amid Flintstones-meets-Gaudí…
Russian in Daugavpils


Sporting rustic decor with a hint of Soviet nostalgia, this cellar restaurant serves five kinds of Russian pelmeni dumplings and many more East European favourites, along with its own brand of beer.
Russian in Rīga

Tēvocis Vaņa

Russia puts on its friendly Chekhovian hat in this quaint restaurant that dishes out a fairy-tale-ish assortment of bliny pancakes, pelmeni dumplings and kholodets – jellied meat that, together with a plate of pickl…