Northeastern Latvia restaurants

Top Choice Cafe in Sigulda

Mr Biskvīts

Mr Biskvīts' candy-striped lair is filled with delicious cakes and pastries, but it's also a good spot for a cooked breakfast, a lunchtime soup or sandwich, and an evening pasta or stir-fry. The coffee's great too.
International in Sigulda


Aparjods’ elegant restaurant gets a special mention for its delectable assortment of cuisine served among charming clutters of household heirlooms and gold-embroidered seating. A roaring fire warms the dark-wood din…
Cafe in Cēsis

Mākslas Telpa Mala

A truly heart-warming place inside an old wooden house featuring an antiquated tiled wood stove. Cheapish lunch food is on offer, along with craft beer, Latvian cider and fruit wine. We also liked the Latvian rock c…
Cafe in Cēsis

Vinetas un Allas Kārumlādes

Some 1970s nostalgia is in the air, enhanced by photographic wallpaper and chocolate cartoon characters on sale. This dessert shop is primarily targeting local grannies, but anyone will enjoy its blueberry Pavlova m…
Supermarket in Cēsis

Maxima Supermarket

A well-stocked outlet of a pan-European supermarket chain.
Latvian in Sigulda

Kaķu Māja

A top spot for a cheap bite, the 'Cat's House' has pick-and-point bain-marie meals and an attached bakery with pastries, pies and cakes. On Friday and Saturday nights, the restaurant in the back busts out the disco …
Cafe in Cēsis

2 Locals

A noble attempt at savvy, locally sourced fare, 2 Locals offers a delectable assortment of meat and fish dishes; don’t miss the scrumptious homemade desserts!
Seafood in Salacgrīva

Žvejnieku Sēta

A friendly seafood restaurant with a pleasing, old-time nautical vibe – creaky wood floors, a fishing boat moored outside and nets draped across the terrace.