Northeastern Latvia attractions

Top Choice Castle in Sigulda

Turaida Museum Reserve

Turaida means ‘God’s Garden’ in ancient Livonian, and this green knoll capped with a fairy-tale castle is certainly a heavenly place. The red-brick castle with its tall cylindrical tower was built in 1214 on the sit…
Top Choice Castle in Cēsis

Cēsis Castle

Cēsis Castle is actually two castles in one. The first is the sorrowful dark-stone towers of the old Wenden castle. Founded by Livonian knights in 1214, it was sacked by Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible in 1577, but o…
Church in Cēsis

Russian Orthodox Church of Transfiguration

The hilltop Russian Orthodox church of Transfiguration was built by the von Sievers at their family cemetery (like many Germans on Russian service they converted to Orthodoxy).
Gardens in Sigulda

Daina Hill Song Garden

The garden is dotted with sculptures dedicated to epic Latvian heroes immortalised in the dainas, poetic folk songs which are a major Latvian tradition.
Park in Cēsis

Castle Park (Pils Park)

Has a pond inhabited by the sweetest paddle steamers that takes people around for €2.20.
Memorial in Sigulda

Turaida Rose Headstone

The small stone memorial commemorates poor Maija Roze, otherwise known as the Rose of Turaida – a character in Sigulda's romantic legend.
Castle in Cēsis

Cēsis History & Art Museum

Right from the outset when you're handed a lit candle in a glass lantern, it's clear that this isn't an ordinary museum. At its centre is Cēsis Castle, founded in 1209 by the Livonian Brothers of the Sword. The cand…
Archaeological Site in Gauja National Park

Āraiši Lake Fortress

Plopped on an islet in the middle of Āraiši Lake, about 10km south of Cēsis, Āraiši Lake Fortress is a reconstruction of a settlement inhabited by Latgallians, an ancient tribe that once called the region home in th…
Historic Site in Līgatne


What poses as a dreary rehabilitation centre is in fact a top-secret Soviet bunker, known by its code name, the Pension. When Latvia was part of the USSR, it was one of the most important strategic hideouts during a…
Historic Building in Gauja National Park

Bīriņi Castle

Like a big pink birthday cake sitting on a verdant lawn, Bīriņi Castle governs a scenic tract of land overlooking a tranquil lake. Located on the northwestern edges of the Gauja towards Saulkrasti, the baronial esta…