Kuldīga restaurants

Top Choice International in Kuldīga


Pagrabiņš inhabits a cellar that was once used as the town’s prison. Today a combination of Latvian and Asian dishes is served under low-slung alcoves lined with honey-coloured bricks. In warmer weather, enjoy your …
European in Kuldīga


Perched on a dramatic clifftop above the Kuldīga waterfall, this upmarket restaurant has a populist penchant for exoticism, with items like deer burger and ostrich steak present on the menu. But if you opt for a sim…
Cafe in Kuldīga


At least in the name, this smallish, tastefully designed cafe celebrates the times when the area around the synagogue was a thriving Jewish quarter. The main reason to come here are superb cakes and strawberry Pavlo…
Latvian in Kuldīga


Looking like the dwelling of a forest witch, this popular bar cum cafe, housed on the 2nd storey of an 18th-century warehouse, specialises in warm potato pancakes and cool pints of Užavas. Its wooden terrace is defi…
Italian in Kuldīga

Goldingen Room

This stylishly designed restaurant – Nordic woodwork with a pinch of Soviet nostalgia – is a reliable source of competently made pizzas and delicious antipasti. Service is patchy, however.