Latvian telephone numbers have eight digits; landlines start with ‘6’ and mobile numbers start with ‘2’. To make any call within Latvia, simply dial the eight-digit number. To call a Latvian telephone number from abroad, dial the international access code, then the country code for Latvia (371) followed by the subscriber’s eight-digit number.

Telephone rates are posted on the website of the partly state-owned Lattelecom (, which enjoys a monopoly on fixed-line telephone communications in Latvia.

Mobile phones are available for purchase at most shopping malls around Rīga and other major cities. If your own phone is GSM900-/1800-compatible, you can purchase a prepaid SIM-card package and top-up credit from any Narvesen superette or Rimi grocery store.

Calls on a public phone are made using cardphones called telekarte, which come in different denominations and are sold at post offices, newspaper stands and superettes.