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Top Choice Bar in Daugavpils

Artilērijas Pagrabi

Here is the ultimate bar at the end of the universe – the EU universe, that is. This easy-going place sees itself as something of a Latvian cultural bastion in the east, its fire power generated by great local beer …
Fortress in Daugavpils

Dinaburg Fortress

Long-neglected in the post-independence years, the riverside citadel has recently undergone a thorough renovation and is now home to the excellent Mark Rothko Art Centre. Built on the orders of tzar Alexander I on t…
Arts Centre in Daugavpils

Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre

Russian imperial architects who built the huge arsenal to store weapons inside Dinaburg Fortress would have been surprised to hear that their creation was destined to become an art gallery named after a local Jew wh…
Christian Site in Daugavpils

Church Hill

Celebrating the city's multiculturalism, churches of four main local Christian denominations face each other on a small hill dissected by 18 Novembra iela. While local Lutherans flock into the red-brick neo-Gothic M…
Russian in Daugavpils


Sporting rustic decor with a hint of Soviet nostalgia, this cellar restaurant serves five kinds of Russian pelmeni dumplings and many more East European favourites, along with its own brand of beer.
European in Daugavpils


This cheerful, brightly coloured cafe cum pizzeria is a veritable source of cheap and tasty breakfast and lunch food as well as competently brewed coffee.
Historic Site in Daugavpils

Daugavpils Lead Shot Factory

Guns and bullets are not to everyone's liking, but it is the near-extinct ancient technology that makes this odd sight worth a visit. It's all about gravitation. Molten lead is poured from the top of an old brick to…