Top Choice Italian in Phonsavan

Lao Falang Restaurant

Sister of Lao Falang Travel Service, this spacious, stylish and impeccably clean Italian restaurant is run by a friendly Genoese man who speaks four languages. Highly recommended for alchemising sirloin steak, lamb …
Top Choice Cafe in Sam Neua

Yuni Coffee

A blessing for coffee snobs, if you're missing JoMa-standard lattes your caffeine privations are over. With battleship-grey walls and a choice selection of refrigerated sandwiches, fresh-baked baguettes and brownies…
Indian in Phonsavan

Nisha Restaurant

Cream-interiored Nisha is tidy and simple but the real colour is found in its excellent cuisine. The menu includes all the usual suspects like tikka masala and rogan josh, curries and a wide range of vegetarian opti…
Laotian in Phonsavan

Sanga Restaurant

The venue is a bland box of a front room but the meals are unexpectedly accomplished for such sensible prices. The chicken láhp is especially tasty and the steak and chips is a popular bargain at 30,000K.
Laotian in Phonsavan

Simmaly Restaurant

Serves up a tasty line of rice dishes, noodles and spicy meats, including steaming fĕr (rice noodles). The pork with ginger is lovely.
Market in Phonsavan

Fresh Food Market

This market stocks exotic fruits you won't typically see elsewhere in Laos, such as Chinese pear. Other local delicacies include nok ąen dąwng (swallows stored whole in jars until they ferment), and hét wâi (wild ma…
Market in Sam Neua

Food Market

For cheap fǒe (rice noodles), samosas, spring rolls and fried sweet potato, the food market is the place to go.
Laotian in Sam Neua

Chittavanh Restaurant

Savouring a delicious Chinese fried-tofu dish makes it worth braving the reverberant clatter of this cavernous hotel restaurant where vinyl tablecloths have been nailed into place. Locals like to eat here as well – …
Laotian in Sam Neua

Dan Nao Muang Xam Restaurant

This hole-in-the-wall spot is hardly brimming with atmosphere, but it has the most foreigner-friendly menu in town in concise English. Breakfast includes cornflakes and a delicious fĕr. Dinner includes some excellen…
Laotian in Vieng Thong

Tontavanh Restaurant

This typical-looking local eatery serves unexpectedly appetising food and even has a menu in concise English.