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Top Choice Laotian in Udomxai

Souphailin Restaurant

Don't be fooled by the modest bamboo exterior of this backstreet gem – easily the tastiest Lao food in the city is served here. Friendly Souphailin creates culinary magic with her mok phaa (steamed fish in banana le…
Arts Centre in Udomxai


PMC is a small exhibition room and shop introducing local fibres such as jungle vine, and selling handmade paper products, bags and local essences. If you're wondering why it's part-funded by the UN Office on Drugs …
Laotian in Udomxai

Cafe Sinouk

Offering a level of aesthetic sophistication largely lacking in the city, Sinouk has a fusion menu of barbecued pork, steamed fish, papaya salad, pasta variations and breakfast. Staff, however, speak little English …
Buddhist Temple in Udomxai

Banjeng Temple

Udomxai's foremost monastery is Banjeng Temple, which is modest but very attractively set on a riverside knoll. The most notable feature here is an imaginative concrete 'tree of life'. Tinkling in the breeze, its me…
Museum in Udomxai


Stairways lead up from the main road to the town's new two-storey museum, featuring colonial-style shutters and oriental gables. Inside, much of it is dedicated to uninspiring communist propaganda; however, there ar…
Laotian in Udomxai

Meuang Neua Restaurant

Festooned with lanterns and Che Guevara graffiti, this hole-in-the-wall is a 10-minute walk from the main drag. It's worth a visit for the fresh spring rolls, pancakes, juices, pad thai and noodle soup.
Buddhist Temple in Udomxai

Phu That Stupa

Stairways lead up from the main road to pretty little Phu That Stupa, a historic structure that was totally rebuilt after wartime destruction. Religious ceremonies are held here on full-moon days.
Buddhist Temple in Udomxai

Wat Phu That

This attractive hilltop temple is one of the best spots to head to for cooler air and fabulous sunset views of the valley below. The 15m-tall gold Buddha is equally impressive.
Bar in Udomxai

Ming Khouan

This is where it's at in Udomxai, a lively wooden and bamboo beer garden that draws a young crowd to quaff Beerlao by the crate. The central fountain is a bit of a diversion, but good Lao food is available, includin…
Market in Udomxai

Nonmengda Market

This market has a rich variety of fruit and veg, and eyebrow-raising critters from the jungle for some unique self-catering.