Udomxai restaurants

Top Choice Laotian in Udomxai

Souphailin Restaurant

Don't be fooled by the modest bamboo exterior of this backstreet gem – easily the tastiest Lao food in the city is served here. Friendly Souphailin creates culinary magic with her mok phaa (steamed fish in banana le…
Laotian in Udomxai

Cafe Sinouk

Offering a level of aesthetic sophistication largely lacking in the city, Sinouk has a fusion menu of barbecued pork, steamed fish, papaya salad, pasta variations and breakfast. Staff, however, speak little English …
Laotian in Udomxai

Meuang Neua Restaurant

Festooned with lanterns and Che Guevara graffiti, this hole-in-the-wall is a 10-minute walk from the main drag. It's worth a visit for the fresh spring rolls, pancakes, juices, pad thai and noodle soup.
Market in Udomxai

Nonmengda Market

This market has a rich variety of fruit and veg, and eyebrow-raising critters from the jungle for some unique self-catering.
Market in Udomxai

Ban Thin Market

Among the noodles, vegetables and fruit expect a few appearances from songbirds, squirrels, tree frogs and rats. Cooked.