Tha Khaek restaurants

Top Choice Fusion in Tha Khaek

Khop Chai Deu

Classy and low-lit, this fine restaurant is as sophisticated as sleepy Tha Khaek gets. Based in a pretty French colonial-era building, the open-range kitchen, visible but behind glass, dishes up tasty Lao salad, bur…
Laotian in Tha Khaek

Smile Barge Restaurant

Riverside Smile is atmospheric with lanterns hung from the walls, and decked verandahs under the shade of trees where you can coolly work your way through a menu of steak, soup, salad, fried fish and vegie dishes. A…
Laotian in Tha Khaek

Sabaidee Restaurant

Catching whatever breeze is going, this joint sits on the riverfront and serves rice dishes, láhp variations, soup and some heaped portions of international favourites like fish and chips. Nice place for a sundowner…
Cafe in Tha Khaek

La Parisian Cafe

Our French friends will have to excuse the spelling, but this is a delightful little cafe opposite the post office. Mains are limited to salads and sandwiches, but the real draw is the delectable dessert, which incl…
Laotian in Tha Khaek

Local Food Place

Head to this busy local food place alongside the river if you fancy tasty Lao favourites such as pîng kai (grilled chicken) and sticky rice for next to no money. There are also plenty of similar stalls lining the ne…
Fusion in Tha Khaek

Kesone Restaurant

With dining in the garden or indoors, this is a popular local place serving a mix of Thai, Thai-Chinese and Lao dishes, but be warned that karaoke is also on the menu. The ice cream is an appealing option after a ho…
International in Tha Khaek

DD Bistro & Cafe

This new glass-fronted cafe overlooking Fountain Sq offers a fusion menu of Lao, Thai and international dishes in a cool atmosphere, both figuratively and literally, thanks to the powerful air-con. Twinings teas, co…
Laotian in Tha Khaek

Grilled Meat Restaurants

There are several outdoor grilled-meat restaurants named after their cooks (Ms Noy, Ms Kay and Ms Somsu), all specialising in duck. Find them on the waterfront strip directly south of the night market.