Top things to do in Tat Lo

Top Choice Waterfall in Tat Lo

Tat Soung

Tat Soung is a 50m drop over the edge of the Bolaven Plateau, and though the dam has damaged these falls more than the others – slowing them to a trickle for most of the year – you can walk around the rocky top of t…
Village in Tat Lo

Ban Houay Houn

You'll know you've arrived in this village, 24km from Tat Lo, by the 'Katu Weavers' sign or the tourists gathered around the traditional community meeting hall. The women here weave cotton textiles using backstrap l…
Waterfall in Tat Lo

Tat Lo

Tat Lo, about 500m upriver from Tat Hang, is a little bigger than its neighbour, but probably won't knock your socks off. To get here, walk past Saise Resort's bungalows and follow the road to the end, then you need…
Waterfall in Tat Lo

Tat Hang

Tat Hang is the waterfall you see from the bridge in town and some guesthouses. It's about 6m tall and wide, with several steps making it quite beautiful even in low flow. You can swim here; often along with hordes …
Laotian in Tat Lo

Saise Resort

Saise Resort has good food (mostly Thai) served on a great deck with an awesome view of Tat Hang waterfall. It's worth making one trip out here during your stay.