Must see restaurants in Savannakhet

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    Top Choice
    No Name Grill Place

    Keep your eyes peeled for smoke from the grill and uniformed officials – two signs of a good place to eat in Laos. This tin-roofed, dirt-floored place…

  • L
    Lao Breakfast Corner

    In these two nearly linked knots of vendors, you'll find dishes including kòw Ъęeak sèn (round rice noodles served in a broth with pieces of chicken or…

  • C
    Café Chez Boune

    Chez Boune has a French-speaking owner, a handsome wood-decked dining room, and is one of the better places in the area for Western food. If you want to…

  • M
    Mae Bueam

    This buzzy vendor does kòw jee, Vietnamese-style baguette sandwiches, including options with egg – a great breakfast. There's an English-language menu…

  • K
    Khao Piak Mae Tik

    Mae Tik sells a delicious kòw Ъęeak sèn (thick noodles served in a slightly viscous broth with crispy deep-fried pork belly, chicken or fish) in…

  • P
    Pilgrim's Kitchen

    This international cafe has an eclectic menu of Tex-Mex, Americana, Indian and more. It's an air-conditioned retreat on a hot day and offers its own…

  • L
    Lin's Café

    Savannakhet's original travellers' cafe; come here for a refreshing air-conditioned vibe, a full menu of coffee drinks, and homemade pastries.

  • W
    White House Restaurant

    A huge colonial-style compound is home to one of the city's most upscale restaurants and a linked cafe. The likewise huge menu is an around-the-world tour…

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    Lao Derm

    This riverside restaurant is one of the only places in town to offer great Mekong views. The hefty menu spans Lao, Thai and Chinese dishes, but Lao Derm…

  • S
    Savannakhet Plaza Food Market

    This nightly food market brings 20 or more stalls to the Savannakhet Plaza area in the heart of the old town. This means barbecued skewers, steaming…

  • R
    Riverside Snack & Drink Vendors

    The riverside snack and drink vendors are a great place for sundowners, serving cheap big bottles of Beerlao (10,000K) and sìn daat (Lao hotpot barbecue)…

  • X
    Xokxay Restaurant

    This cheap-as-chips hole-in-the-wall near the Catholic church dishes up Thai-leaning Lao dishes, including noodles, fried rice, salads and crispy fried…