Southern Laos drinking and nightlife

Bar in Don Det & Don Khon

4000 Island Bar

Good Western and Indian food, cold drinks, friendly service and a soothing vibe combine to make this a perennial favourite among travellers. You can make new friends around the pool table, throw some darts, play you…
Coffee in Paksong Area

Jhai Coffee House

Billing itself as the world’s first completely philanthropic coffee roaster and cafe located at the source, Jhai buys its beans at fair-trade prices from the Jhai Coffee Farmer Cooperative and puts 100% of profits b…
Coffee in Paksong Area

Won Coffee

Though run in part by 'Mr Koffie', this is very much a local spot. Besides regular organic coffees, he produces his own civet-excreted kopi luwak (30,000K per cup or 250,000K per 100g) and leads coffee tours. It's i…
Bar in Pakse


A chill place to drink and snack, this Thai-owned bar has live music (usually Carabao-style Thai country music) most nights except Sunday from about 7.30pm to 9pm.
Bar in Don Det & Don Khon

Adam's Bar

Staff are upfront about their special 'secret' ingredients, so if that's your kind of scene then this is your kind of place. Has a full menu of Lao and Western food and helpful advice about the islands, too.