Tourist Information in Don Khong

Don Khong Tourist Information Centre

Near the boat landing, this office is staffed by helpful Mr Phan. There is information for the whole Si Phan Don region and he can set you up with a local guide for 60,000K per day.
Medical in Don Det & Don Khon

Don Khon Health Clinic

The only health centre on Don Det and Don Khon. It's very small and basic. If nobody is there, look for the doctor in her home, next to the clinic.
Hospital in Don Khong

Muang Khong Hospital

At the far southern edge of town. If you have any minor ailments there are some English-speaking staff.
Travel Agency in Don Det & Don Khon

Green Paradise Travel

Respected travel agency on Don Det island. Sells kayak tours and tickets for AVT vans to Siem Reap.
Bank in Don Khong

Agricultural Promotion Bank

Exchanges major currencies, does Western Union and has an ATM out front.
Bank in Don Khong


In front of the Lao Telecom building, next to the post office.
Pharmacy in Don Det & Don Khon


This petite place is Don Det's only pharmacy.
Police in Don Khong


A block back from the river in Muang Khong.
Post in Don Khong

Post Office

In Muang Khong village.