Si Phan Don attractions

Top Choice Waterfall in Don Det & Don Khon

Khon Phapheng Falls

The largest, and by far the most awesome waterfall anywhere along the Mekong, Khon Phapheng is pure, unrestrained aggression as millions of litres of water crash over the rocks every second. That said, you'll have t…
Top Choice Waterfall in Don Det & Don Khon

Tat Somphamit

Located on Don Khon, 1.5km downriver from the French bridge, vast Tat Somphamit is a gorgeous set of raging rapids. Its other name, Li Phi, means 'Spirit Trap' and locals believe the falls act as just that: a trap f…
Waterfall in Don Det & Don Khon

Khon Pa Soi Falls

Although it's not the largest waterfall on the islands, Khon Pa Soi Falls is still pretty impressive, and it never gets crowded due to its isolated location. From the little restaurant (sometimes only serving cold d…
Cave in Don Khong

Tham Phu Khiaw

Two kilometres north of Muang Khong a trail leads to Green Mountain Cave, a small, shallow shelter in the middle of the forest. It holds some fairly crude Buddha images and bits of broken pottery and is the object o…
Museum in Don Khong

Don Khong History Museum

When the local governor built this two-story French colonial-style home in 1935, he was so proud of himself that he christened it Sathanavoudthi, which means 'Garden of Eden' in an old Lao dialect. Level-headed loca…
Farm in Don Khong

Ban Hin Siew Tai Palm Sugar Trees

Although sugar palms can be seen across the island, Ban Hin Siew Tai is southern Laos' sugar capital. Many farmers here climb the trees twice a day to collect the juice and then boil it down to sugar, and if you see…
Buddhist Temple in Don Khong

Wat Jom Thong

At the northern end of Muang Khong is Wat Jom Thong, the oldest temple on the island, dating from the Chao Anou period (1805–28). The wihăhn (temple hall) features a cruciform floor plan, a unique triple-gated entra…
Viewpoint in Don Det & Don Khon

Ban Hang Khon Viewpoint

Near the old French port in Ban Hang Khon village, 150 steps take you up to a good viewpoint of the Mekong.
Market in Don Khong

Muang Khong Market

This little morning market, full of both farmed and foraged foods, is a vibrant slice of island life.
Buddhist Temple in Don Khong

Wat Phu Khao Kaew

About 6.5km northeast of Muang Saen, Wat Phu Khao Kaew was built on the site of some presumed pre-Khmer ruins, making it a holy spot for locals. Nothing of that era is visible; now there is a bright red and gold mod…