Sekong attractions

Waterfall in Sekong

Tat Faek

Sixteen kilometres south of Sekong, and well-signed off Rte 11, is this wide, beautiful 5m-high waterfall where you can swim in the pool atop the falls. Do heed the red and white 'Watch Out For Biting Fish' signs ar…
Waterfall in Sekong

Tat Hua Khon

Three kilometres south of the Tat Faek turn-off (just past the market), this waterfall is 7m tall and an impressive 100m wide. The name translates as 'Waterfall of the Heads', owing to a WWII episode in which Japane…
Museum in Sekong

Sekong Provincial Historical Museum

The first floor has just a few old stones, UXO and photos from the war years. But the tribal displays of textiles and household tools (don't miss the bamboo forge for making knives) upstairs are well presented with …
Market in Sekong

Sekong Market

Fresh food offerings in this market include mushrooms, squirrels, herbs and other forest products. It's best in the late afternoon.