Sam Neua restaurants

Top Choice Cafe in Sam Neua

Yuni Coffee

A blessing for coffee snobs: if you're missing standard lattes your caffeine privations are over. Now in a new, more spacious location with a modern industrial look and a choice selection of breakfast items and casu…
Laotian in Sam Neua

Dan Nao Muang Xam Restaurant

This hole-in-the-wall spot is hardly brimming with atmosphere, but it has the most foreigner-friendly menu in town in concise English. Breakfast includes cornflakes and a delicious fĕr. Dinner includes some excellen…
Laotian in Sam Neua

Chittavanh Restaurant

Savouring a delicious Chinese fried-tofu dish makes it worth braving the reverberant clatter of this cavernous hotel restaurant where vinyl tablecloths have been nailed into place. Locals like to eat here as well – …
Market in Sam Neua

Food Market

For cheap fĕr (rice noodles), spring rolls, local sausages and fried sweet potato, the food market is the place to go.