Tourist Information in Sam Neua

Provincial Tourist Office

An excellent tourist office with English-speaking staff eager to help. Check the information board out front for helpful maps and the latest bus timetables.
Exchange in Sam Neua

Foreign Exchange

Changing money is generally quickest through one of the fabric stalls in the main market: they exchange Vietnamese dong and are open at weekends.
Post in Sam Neua

Post Office

In a large building just north of the Suan Keo Lak Meung Monument. A telephone office at its rear offers international calls.
Bank in Sam Neua

Lao Development Bank

On the main road 400m north of the bus station on the left; exchanges cash and has a 24-hour ATM.
Bank in Sam Neua


Has an ATM dispensing kip, plus it can exchange most major currencies.
Bank in Sam Neua

Agricultural Promotion Bank

Exchanges Thai baht and US dollars at fair rates.
Hospital in Sam Neua