Sam Neua attractions

Archaeological Site in Sam Neua

Hintang Archaeological Park

Almost as mysterious as Xieng Khuang's more famous jars, this unique, unfenced collection of standing stones is thought to be at least 1500 years old. Spindly stones up to 3m tall are interspersed with disks that fo…
Waterfall in Sam Neua

Tat Saloei

This impressive series of cascades forms a combined drop of almost 100m. It's briefly visible from eastbound Rte 6 roughly 1km after Km 55 (ie 36km from Sam Neua), but easy to miss westbound. There are some small lo…
Market in Sam Neua

Food Market

The fascinating food market is well stocked with fresh vegetables and meats, some rather startling. Field rats are displayed cut open to show the freshness of their entrails. Banana leaves might be stuffed with squi…
Monument in Sam Neua

Suan Keo Lak Meung Monument

At the town's central junction stands the bizarre Suan Keo Lak Meung Monument. Four hooked concrete pincers hold aloft a glittery disco ball that is intended to celebrate Sam Neua's folk-song image as an 'indestruct…
Market in Sam Neua

Main Market

The main market is predominantly stocked with Chinese and Vietnamese consumer goods. However, some fabric stalls here stock regional textiles, and jewellers sell antique coins and silverware used for tribal headgear…
Bridge in Sam Neua

Suspension Bridge

Enchanting river scenes are visible from this bike-and-pedestrian suspension bridge. To find it, turn right down the tiny lane in front of the jumbo-sized Huaphan Provincial Administration Office.