Top things to do in Sainyabuli

Lake in Sainyabuli

Nam Tien

To fully appreciate the charm of Sainyabuli's setting, drive 9km southwest to the Nam Tien reservoir-lake, access point for the Elephant Conservation Center. A restaurant here is perched above the dam, offering view…
Laotian in Sainyabuli

Sainamhoung Restaurant

Contemplate the bamboo-banked river and the looming Pak Kimin massif as you dine on tasty Lao food. Dishes include delectable steamed fish, grilled meats and varied exotica such as fried crickets and wasps, and bamb…
Cultural in Sainyabuli

Elephant Festival

The Elephant Festival is a vast two-day jamboree featuring music, theatre and many a beer tent as well as elephant parades and skills demonstrations. It's a popular event, though animal-welfare groups raise concerns…
Beer Garden in Sainyabuli

Beer Gardens

There is some life beyond the dodgy and dark nightclubs in Sainyabuli and it comes in the form of a pair of lively beer gardens on the banks of the Nam Heung (Heung River). They draw a young crowd with a thirst for …
Laotian in Sainyabuli

Nam Tiene Restaurant

Well-made, professionally presented food along with lovely reservoir views amply reward the excursion out here to the Nam Tien dam. Locals descend here at weekends and rent kooky avian-inspired pedalos.
Market in Sainyabuli

Night Market

This night market near the central roundabout has food stalls for noodle soup, Lao grills, fresh fruits and khànǒm (traditional sweets).
Buddhist Temple in Sainyabuli

Wat Sibounheuang

Wat Sibounheuang, the town's most evocative monastery, sports a lopsided gilded stupa and reclining Buddha in a delightful garden setting where the bare-brick ruins of the tiny original sǐm are reckoned to be from t…
Buddhist Temple in Sainyabuli

Wat Sisavangvong

More central than the other wats in Sainyabuli, Wat Sisavangvong was reportedly built by King Sisavang Vong on an older temple site.