Phongsali Province restaurants

Chinese in Phongsali

Laoper Restaurant

Spot your dish in raw form behind the refrigerated glass counter: pork, intestines, buffalo steak and tofu, plus the day's fresh vegetables. Don't expect a menu, but point to what you want. Portions are huge so it's…
Laotian in Muang Khua


Set high above the river with views through the palm trees, this basic joint offers a fan-cooled interior and a wide English-language menu with Western-friendly staples like omelettes and pancakes. Tasty láhp, noodl…
Noodles in Phongsali

Noodle Stands

Head to the noodle stands at the rear of the wet market before you catch the 6.30am sŏrngtăaou to the bus station, or if you're headed out on a trek. Steaming deliciously fresh noodles and a slice of Yunnan-Lao cult…
Laotian in Phongsali

Laojerm Restaurant

At this family-run noodle house the well-prepared food comes in decent-sized portions and is served with a smile. The menu's approximate English includes inscrutable offerings such as 'High-handed Pig's liver' and '…
Market in Phongsali


Make a dawn visit to the earthy wet market (camera in hand) and thread through the labyrinthine collection of rickety stalls, with all manner of vegetables and fruit spread out on colourful display in the open area.…
Fusion in Muang Khua

Laosamai Restaurant

Perched on stilts overlooking the Nam Ou, this traveller-friendly restaurant is based at the Nam Ou Guesthouse (rooms with bathroom 50,000K, without bathroom 40,000) and serves tasty, if wafer-thin, 'steak' and chip…
Laotian in Hat Sa

Boun Ma Restaurant

Basic Lao food is served here, the only restaurant in town.