Bus Station in Pakse

Talat Dao Heuang

Vans and sŏrngtăaou to nearby destinations, such as the Thai border, depart from a very chaotic lot in the southeast corner of the market and also from Th 38 in front of the market.
Bus Station in Pakse

Northern Bus Terminal

This is usually called khíw lot lák jét (7km bus terminal); it's – you guessed it – 7km north of town. The English-language signs on departures are frequently wrong.
Bus Station in Pakse

Kiang Kai Bus Station

This small, hard-to-find station, in a red-and-yellow building set back well off Th 38, is 1.5km past the Japanese bridge. It's used by buses to/from Thailand.
Car Rental in Pakse


Rents out pick-ups and SUVs with or without drivers and can provide paperwork to allow the cars to go to Thailand and Vietnam (but not Cambodia).
Bus Station in Pakse

Southern Bus Terminal

Pakse's main bus station. Also known as khíw lot lák pąet, or '8km bus terminal' because it's 8km out of town on Rte 13.
Bus Station in Pakse

2km Bus Station

Also known as Sengchalern station, the office is in the lobby of SL Guest House, which is in front of Friendship Mall.
Bus Station in Pakse

VIP Bus Station

Also called Thasalakham station, it only serves night buses to Vientiane and towns along the way.
Boat in Pakse

Boat to Champasak

Contact Mr Khamlao to book a place on the 8am boat to Champasak from Pakse. Returns at 2pm.
Airline in Pakse

Lao Airlines

Lao Airlines has an office at Pakse airport with friendly English-speaking staff.
Airport in Pakse

Pakse International Airport

Flights to Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Siem Reap and several domestic cities.