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Top Choice Laotian in Pakse

Rahn Naem Khao Mae Fuean

This local joint offers a rare combination: real deal Lao food and an English-language menu. Well, something close to English anyway…the 'fried chicken power' is really stir-fried holy basil with chicken. It's well-…
Top Choice Laotian in Pakse

Pon Sai

For a wonderful local morning experience, head to Pon Sai at the junction of Th 34 and 46, which bustles with small shops and street vendors selling fĕr, baguette sandwiches, kòw nĕeo bîng (grilled, egg-dipped stick…
Museum in Pakse

Champasak Historical Heritage Museum

Though the labelling certainly could be better, this is a museum worth visiting. Highlights include ancient Dong Son bronze drums, unusual stone carvings unearthed up on the Bolaven Plateau in Bachieng District, ste…
Vietnamese in Pakse

Xuan Mai Restaurant

Vietnamese-run Xuan Mai serves super-fresh fĕr (rice noodles), nǎem néuang (pork balls), kòw Ъûn (white flour noodles with sweet-spicy sauce) and a house láhp that's full of zing. Their set meals are good value if y…
Cafe in Pakse

Delta Coffee

Owners Alan and Siriporn (he's Chinese, she's Thai) serve coffee from their plantation near Paksong, but Delta does a lot more than the name suggests, including pizza, spinach lasagne and green curry.
Indian in Pakse

Jasmine Restaurant

It's the location as much as the masala that keeps this old-timer bulging with happy customers. The menu mixes both Indian and Malay food and there are many veggie choices including a nice selection of fruit salads.
Cafe in Pakse

Sinouk Coffee Shop

Stylish Sinouk has glass-topped tables inlaid with coffee beans as that's what they're all about – delicious Arabica coffee grown on their plantation in the Bolavan plateau. If you're after more, then get started on…
Thai in Pakse


One of Pakse's best choices for Thai food, Champady has a fairly extensive menu from glass noodle salad to southern sour curry, plus a good selection of coffees and juices, all served on a small patio. We recommend …
Laotian in Pakse

Lankham Noodle Shop

Located under the Lankham Hotel, this is a safe and popular place for fĕr noodle soups.
Books in Pakse

Monument Books

This upmarket bookshop is your best stop for maps of Laos and her neighbours, plus postcards and a superb range of regional historical and cultural books.