Pakse shopping

Arts & Crafts in Pakse

Pakse Souvenirs

The quality textiles and woven bamboo products here come mostly from northern Laos, but there is some southern stuff too. Unique to this shop are the owners' modern designs incorporating older textiles into bags, ta…
Arts & Crafts in Pakse

Dream Weaver

This small NGO-supported shop stocks, as the name suggests, mostly woven fabrics, but there are other souvenirs as well. Most of the products are made by trafficking victims and their families.
Books in Pakse

Monument Books

This upmarket bookshop is your best stop for maps of Laos and her neighbours, plus postcards and a superb range of regional historical and cultural books.
Market in Pakse

Champasak Shopping Centre

This modern market sells mostly discount clothing, much of which are brand-name knock-offs, of course, but a few shops stock Lao skirts and fabrics.