Museum in Pakse

Champasak Historical Heritage Museum

Though the labelling certainly could be better, this is a museum worth visiting. Highlights include ancient Dong Son bronze drums, unusual stone carvings unearthed up on the Bolaven Plateau in Bachieng District, ste…
Buddhist Temple in Pakse

Wat Luang

There are about 20 wats in Pakse, among which the riverside Wat Luang is one of the largest. The old monastic school, built in 1935, features a commanding tiled roof and ornate concrete pillars while two newer build…
Church in Pakse

Sacred Heart Cathedral

This modest, tin-roofed building isn't much to look at from the outside, but the one-of-a-kind paintings inside are worth the trip. They show Jesus in various spots around southern Laos, including Wat Phu Champasak …
Historic Building in Pakse

Chinese Society Building

A beautifully restored building from the French colonial era.
Market in Pakse

Talat Dao Heuang

This vast market near the Lao–Japanese Bridge is one of the biggest in the country. It's at its most chaotic in the food zones, but just about anything a person might need – from medicinal herbs to mobile phones – i…
Arts Centre in Pakse

International Art Museum

This small, little-known gallery hosts art from South Korean artists and also local students. It's east of town, 5km past Rte16 near the Southern Bus Terminal.
Viewpoint in Pakse

Wat Phou Salao

The centrepiece of this hilltop temple across the Mekong from Pakse is the giant Buddha statue looking out over the city. The views from his perch are as fantastic as you'd expect, especially at sunset. To enjoy the…