Indian in Pak Beng


Located opposite the Mekong Riverside Lodge, this place serves some of the best Indian food you'll find in northern Laos. You can expect all the usual curries, as well as dishes like buffalo masala, executed with...

Bakery in Pak Beng

DP Bakery

Fresh and bursting with doughy aromas, DP is a great spot for Western or healthy fruit breakfasts. And as well as mouthwatering pastries (get here early before they go), it makes good coffee, fruit shakes and ice...

Bar in Pak Beng

Hive Bar

It's a fair trek up the hill beyond the gaggle of guesthouses, but it's worth it to find this buzzing little bar. Bring the flyer you receive when jumping off the slowboat to get a free Lao cocktail, choose your...

Indian in Pak Beng


By night, with its paper lanterns like glowing pupae hanging from the ceiling, this trusty old place pulls you in with its delicious aromas drifting out on to the street. Terrific Indian food includes the...

Bar in Pak Beng

Happy Bar

Offering some prime views of the Mekong River, this is a popular spot for sundowners and late drinks. Happy hour runs from 6.30pm to 8.30pm and there are plenty of games on offer like pool, beer pong and darts.

Buddhist Temple in Pak Beng

Wat Sin Jong Jaeng

Overlooking the Mekong, archaic little Wat Sin Jong Jaeng dates back to the early colonial period. Although its eaves have been entirely repainted, an old, very faded mural remains on the eastern exterior of the...