Tourist Information in Udomxai

Tourist Office

Unfailingly helpful and well run, the tourist office has masses of information about onward travel, accommodation and local sights. It has free town maps and sells GT-Rider Laos maps. There are 12 different tours on…
Tourist Information in Luang Namtha

Provincial Tourism Office

This enthusiastically run office has lots of ideas to make your stay in the area a memorable one, with details about Nam Ha NPA treks, info on the local wildlife, and brochures.
Tourist Information in Muang Sing

Tourist Office

Displays of fact scrolls are useful but the staff aren't likely to win any Lao National Tourism Authority employee of the month awards.
Hospital in Luang Namtha

Provincial Hospital

Adequately equipped for X-rays, dealing with broken limbs and dishing out antibiotics. Ask for English-speaking Dr Veokham.
Bank in Muang Sing

Lao Development Bank

Exchanges US dollars, Thai baht and Chinese yuan but at less than favourable rates.
Bank in Luang Namtha


Changes major currencies (commission-free) and has a 24-hour ATM.
Post in Muang Sing

Post Office

As tiny as the petang rectangle next to it.
Bank in Luang Namtha

Lao Development Bank

Exchanges major currencies and has Western Union.
Bank in Udomxai


Has an ATM and changes several major currencies.
Hospital in Muang Sing