Muang La attractions

Buddhist Statue in Muang La

Pra Singkham Buddha

Want to get rich? Afraid you might be infertile? Don't worry, just ask the Pra Singkham Buddha and your wish will be granted. Legend claims it was cast in Sri Lanka just a few generations after the historical Buddha…
Cave in Muang La

Singkham Cave

The Singkham Cave where the famous Pra Singkham Buddha statue once rested is 3.7km west of Ban Samakisai, halfway between Udomxai and Muang La. In Samakisai ask 'Khor kajeh tham noy?' ('May I have the cave key pleas…
Hot Springs in Muang La

Hot Springs

Wander down to the river to discover Muang La's modest hot spring that bubbles into the river when water levels are high. When levels are low, a flimsy bamboo suspension bridge allows access from the hot springs to …