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Border Crossings

Getting to Vietnam: Na Phao to Cha Lo

Getting to the border Despite the fact that Rte 12 is now fully paved, for falang (Westerners) the Na Phao (Laos)/Cha Lo (Vietnam) border crossing (7am to 7pm) remains one of the least used of all Laos' borders. This is partly because transport on both sides is slow and infrequent. The only regular transport through this border are buses from Tha Khaek to Vinh, in Vietnam (100,000K, 9am).

At the border The Lao border offers 30-day tourist visas on arrival. Some nationalities require a Vietnam visa in advance, so check with the Vietnamese Embassy. Most regional visitors and Scandinavian, British, French, German, Italian and Spanish visitors do not need a visa for short stays.

Moving on Get back on the same bus, which will wait for you to complete your paperwork before continuing to Vinh.