Cinema in Luang Prabang

L'Etranger Books & Tea

Order a drink and a bite to eat and then get comfy on a lounging cushion to watch the latest blockbuster and indie films shown nightly at 7pm. If it's quiet you usually get to choose the film. Run by a friendly cine…
Dance in Luang Prabang

Phrolak-Phralam Theatre

The misleadingly named Royal Lao Ballet puts on slow-moving traditional dances accompanied by a 10-piece Lao 'orchestra'. Performances last about 1¼ hours and include a Ramayana-based scene. It's well worth reading …
Theatre in Luang Prabang

Garavek Storytelling

Garavek means 'magical bird', and this enchanting hour-long show – comprising an old man dressed in tribalwear playing a haunting khene (Lao-style lyre) alongside an animated storyteller (in English) recalling local…
Cinema in Luang Prabang

Moonlight Cinema

The latest films are shown at the Ock Pop Tok centre every Thursday at 7.30pm, screened after 7pm dinner. Tuk-tuk is inclusive; pick up is from in front of the Joma Bakery on Th Chao Fa Ngum at 6.45pm. Book online.