Entertainment in Laos

  • Entertainment in Champasak

    Shadow Puppet Theatre & Cinema Tuktuk

    Run by Frenchman Yves Bernard, this magical theatre next to the tourist office tells a story from the Ramayana with traditional shadow puppets, while on Wednesday and Saturday nights it screens the Academy Award–nominated silent film Chang (1927). What makes it so great is the live musicians providing the soundtrack.

  • Entertainment in Luang Prabang

    Garavek Storytelling

    Garavek means 'magical bird', and this enchanting hour-long show – comprising an old man dressed in tribal wear playing a haunting khene (Lao-style lyre) alongside an animated storyteller recalling local Lao folk tales and legends (in English) – takes your imagination on a flight of fancy. Held in an intimate 30-seat theatre. Book ahead in high season.

  • Entertainment in Vientiane

    Wind West

    A roadhouse-style bar and restaurant, Wind West has live Lao and Western rock music most nights. Depending on the night it can be heaving or completely dead, but the interior, hung with 10-gallon hats, antlers and wooden Native American statues, lends the place a folksy atmosphere.

  • Entertainment in Vientiane

    Lao Boxing

    Bouts of Lao boxing are held every Saturday at 7pm at Houayhong Boxing Stadium, located northwest of the city centre. It's free, and unlike the matches in Bangkok, you can get right up in the action.

  • Entertainment in Vientiane

    Institut Français du Laos

    Dance, art exhibitions, films, literary discussions and live music all take place in this Gallic hive of cultural activity. The centre also offers French and Lao language lessons.

  • Entertainment in Vientiane

    Anou Cabaret

    On the ground floor of the Anou Paradise Hotel, the cabaret has been swinging along here for years. It's a funny place, with old crooners and a palpable 1960s feel.

  • Entertainment in Luang Prabang

    Phralak-Phralam Theatre

    The misleadingly named Royal Lao Ballet puts on slow-moving traditional dances accompanied by a 10-piece Lao 'orchestra'. Performances last about 1¼ hours and include a Ramayana-based scene. It's well worth reading the typewritten notes provided at the entrance to have an idea of what's going on. If all the seats are full (rare), guests who bought the very cheapest tickets could end up standing.

  • Entertainment in Luang Prabang

    Moonlight Cinema

    The latest films are shown at the Ock Pop Tok centre on selected Fridays at 7pm, screened after a 6.30pm dinner. Tuk-tuk transport is included; pickup is from in front of the Joma Bakery Cafe on Th Chao Fa Ngum at 6.15pm. Book via email.

  • Entertainment in Luang Prabang

    L'Etranger Books & Tea

    Order a drink and a bite to eat and then get comfy on a lounging cushion to watch the latest blockbuster and indie films shown nightly at 7pm. If it's quiet you usually get to choose the film. Run by a friendly cinephile, she's also a script writer in LA.