Top things to do in Champasak

Buddhist Temple in Champasak

Wat Muang Kang

About 5km south of town along the Mekong stands the oldest active temple in Champasak, and arguably the most interesting in southern Laos. The soaring Thai-style ubosot (ordination hall), with its red-tiled roof and…
Thai in Champasak

Champasak with Love

The marvellous riverfront patio shaded by a big old ficus tree is alone worth a visit, but the food and service are also good. It has the biggest menu in town, with mostly Thai food but also Lao standards and good b…
Italian in Champasak

Frice & Lujane Restaurant

Enjoy cuisine inspired by Italy's Friulian Alpine region, at the most recent incarnation of this swish, formerly Italian-run restaurant by the Mekong. Gnocchi, marinated pork ribs, lasagne and homemade sausage grace…
Laotian in Champasak

Nakorn Restaurant

A pleasant melange of classy and casual, this riverside restaurant has a small mixed menu that covers duck láhp to chicken green curry to tuna sandwiches. There's also plenty of local advice available from the affab…
Laotian in Champasak

Inthira Hotel Restaurant

Inthira's sumptuous low-lit restaurant offers a compelling reason to linger longer in Champasak. Based in a beautifully renovated Chinese shophouse, the menu spans mushroom láhp to its creative yellow curry pizza.
Historic Building in Champasak

Chao Boun Oum's Palace

Three hundred metres south of the fountain circle you'll find the large former palace of Chao Boun Oum (the king's younger brother), built in 1952.
Historic Building in Champasak

Chao Ratsadanai's Residence

This faded 1926 French Colonial building was once the residence of Chao Ratsadanai, the king's father.
Notable Building in Champasak

Unfinished Palace

A useful landmark.