Central Laos restaurants

Top Choice Laotian in Savannakhet

No Name Grill Place

Keep your eyes peeled for smoke from the grill and uniformed officials – two signs of a good place to eat in Laos. This tin-roofed, dirt-floored place excels at anything grilled – simply point to what looks good – e…
Top Choice Laotian in Tha Khaek

Ping Kai Napong

Ping Kai Napong specialises in grilled chicken, but the menu is a virtual tour of Laotian cuisine, ranging from salads (the duck láhp is sublime) to soups, although the English-language translations may not always m…
Laotian in Savannakhet

Lao Breakfast Corner

In these two nearly linked knots of vendors, you'll find dishes including kòw Ъęeak sèn (round rice noodles served in a broth with pieces of chicken or deep-fried crispy pork belly), bǎn kǔan (Lao for bánh cuôn, a V…
Laotian in Tha Khaek

Khao Sen Piak Pa Se

Rich, garlicky bowls of kòw Ъęeak sèn (noodles served in a broth with chicken or deep-fried crispy pork belly), served here with wheat-and-egg noodles. A few Vietnamese dishes are also available before 10am or so. T…
International in Savannakhet

Café Chez Boune

Chez Boune has a French-speaking owner, a handsome wood-decked dining room, and is one of the better places in the area for Western food. If you want to keep it semi-local, opt for the delicious beef ragout (known i…
Laotian in Savannakhet

Mae Bueam

This buzzy vendor does kòw jįi, Vietnamese-style baguette sandwiches, including options with egg – a great breakfast. There's an English-language menu printed above the counter but no English-language sign; look for…
Laotian in Sepon & the Ho Chi Minh Trail

Sepon Night Market

Every evening, a small but high-quality night market appears just east of the bus stop, serving some very tasty Laotian food. Dishes are take-away only, but the purchase of a few beers will probably grant you access…
Laotian in Savannakhet

Khao Piak Mae Tik

Mae Tik sells a delicious kòw Ъęeak sèn (thick noodles served in a slightly viscous broth with crispy deep-fried pork belly, chicken or fish) in Savannakhet. Look for the tiny roadside shack with the wooden sign.
Laotian in Nakai-Nam Theun National Park & Around

Phosy Tha Lang Restaurant

Linked to the guesthouse of the same name and located at the edge of the reservoir created by the Nam Theun 2 Dam, views, tasty Lao food and real coffee make this the best place to eat in the area.
Fusion in Tha Khaek

Khop Chai Deu

Classy and low-lit, this fine restaurant is as sophisticated as sleepy Tha Khaek gets. Based in a pretty French colonial-era building, the open-range kitchen, visible but behind glass, dishes up tasty Lao salad, bur…