Best hotels and hostels in Central Laos

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Phu Hin Bun NPA & Tham Kong Lor

    Spring River Resort

    These stilted bungalows sit in an immaculately landscaped, jungle-like garden at the edge of Nam Hin Bun. The more expensive rooms have en suite bathrooms, considerably more space and private balconies to enjoy the lush river view. Easily the most charming place to stay in the region. The attached riverside restaurant (mains 35,000K to 50,000K) has a memorable setting and tasty food. There's a clear-water creek nearby to cool off in, and you can hire kayaks.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Savannakhet

    Vivanouk Homestay

    This funky little place is akin to a boutique homestay. There are just three rooms sharing two bathrooms – one with an outdoor shower – and delightfully decorated in a contemporary-colonial fusion style. Breakfast is available downstairs in an artsy venue that doubles as a bar by night.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Savannakhet

    Hostel Savan Cafe

    This swanky hostel will make you feel like a million bucks on just a few thousand kip. Located right in the heart of 'downtown' Savannakhet, the handsome two- to six-bed dorms (and a couple of private rooms) provide access to a trendy floor-level cafe, leafy lounge zones and a tiled rooftop patio with sweeping sunset views of the Mekong.

  • Lodging in Savannakhet

    Avalon Residence

    Avalon Residence offers smart midrange rooms at a budget price and is pretty convenient for a stroll to the bus station. The rooms are spacious and have glistening bathrooms, Lao silks and flat-screen TVs. Downstairs is a small air-conditioned cafe.

  • Lodging in Phu Hin Bun NPA & Tham Kong Lor

    Homestay – Ban Natane

    Homestay accommodation is available at the opposite end of Tham Kong Lor, in Ban Natane. The village is within walking distance of the drink stalls where the boats terminate, a 2km walk along the left fork. The drink vendors are more than happy to point you in the right direction. Unfortunately, you'll get charged a second time when you return through the cave.

  • Lodging in Hin Namno NPA & Around

    Khoun Pan Ya Guesthouse

    The only place to stay in Lang Khang (and the only hotel-like accommodation in the area), it doesn't look like much from the outside, but the rooms here are spacious and capable, if plain. It's located around 250m along the road to Bualapha; look for the sign on the left and contact at the adjacent pharmacy.

  • Lodging in Savannakhet

    Daosavanh Resort & Spa Hotel

    This ostentatious hotel overlooking the Mekong offers a slice of international comfort, and its kidney-shaped pool is very welcome on sweltering days, of which there are many in Savan. Its 53 rooms are large and immaculate, and prices include free airport and border transfers.

  • Lodging in Savannakhet

    Pilgrim's Inn

    Pilgrim's Inn is attached to the popular Pilgrim's Kitchen with English-speaking staff who make you feel at home. Guacamole-green rooms feature clean beds, air-con and attached bathrooms with hot water, although some lack natural light.

  • Lodging in Savannakhet

    Fundee Guesthouse

    A new-feeling guesthouse tucked down a side soi (lane) off Th Santisouk, Fundee offers great value for money thanks to its smart rooms, the more expensive of which are on the upper floor, and include minibar and wardrobe.

  • Lodging in Phu Hin Bun NPA & Tham Kong Lor

    Chantha House

    This Swiss-style accommodation on the main road to Kong Lor, at the start of the village, has 15 plain but well-kept rooms plus a dorm. The owners are friendly and, best of all, there are magnificent views of the cliffs.

  • Lodging in Phu Hin Bun NPA & Tham Kong Lor

    Thongdam Guesthouse

    This compound includes a strip of concrete rooms and a row of elevated wood bungalows. The latter have more space and natural light, and balconies that look over the rice fields and karst.

  • Lodging in Savannakhet

    Savanhbanhao Hotel

    This large compound houses several structures; opt for the more expensive rooms in the new building – they're spacious and spotless, if lacking in pizzazz.

  • Lodging in Dong Phu Vieng NPA & Around

    Khamvien Guesthouse

    This canary-yellow compound, just west of the market, has recently been renovated, leaving the rooms comfy, if plain. The cheapest are fan-cooled.

  • Lodging in Dong Phu Vieng NPA & Around

    Vieng Xay Guesthouse

    The Vieng Xay is hands down the town's best digs, with 30 vast rooms with TV, air-con and hot water. There's an attached restaurant.

  • Lodging in Phu Hin Bun NPA & Tham Kong Lor

    Homestay – Ban Kong Lor

    If you want a cultural experience, check in at the ticket booth for Tham Kong Lor for details on Ban Kong Lor's homestay program.

  • Lodging in Nakai–Nam Theun National Park & Around

    Sabaidee Guesthouse

    The characterless yet clean rooms here are set in bungalows in a spacious garden and firepits are lit nightly during peak season.

  • Lodging in Nakai–Nam Theun National Park & Around

    Phosy Tha Lang Guesthouse

    This guesthouse offers respite in a string of rather small, aged, stuffy bungalows. The more expensive rooms are the only ones worth considering, and the communal areas and sister restaurant are probably more interesting than the accommodation. Amphai, based here or at the restaurant, is the person to contact regarding visits to Nakai–Nam Theun National Park.

  • Lodging in Savannakhet

    Leena Guesthouse

    Pastel-hued Leena has something of a motel vibe with its kitsch decor, peach-coloured rooms with tiled floors, and an inviting semi-open-air breakfast area. The cheapest rooms feel small and are fan-cooled.

  • Lodging in Phu Hin Bun NPA & Tham Kong Lor

    Kong Lo View Hotel & Resort

    Boasting the closest location to Tham Kong Lor is this attractive yet overpriced cluster of 30 rooms. The restaurant features a terrace with views to the karst, and bicycles can be hired.

  • Lodging in Phu Hin Bun NPA & Tham Kong Lor

    Kong Lor Eco Lodge

    Kong Lor Eco Lodge has 12 spartan but clean rooms set back from the road. The small restaurant here is one of the more popular in town.