Tham Kong Lor

Top choice Caving

in Phu Hin Bun NPA & Tham Kong Lor

A boat trip through the other-worldly Tham Kong Lor is an absolute must. The 7.5km river cave, situated in the wilderness of Phu Hin Bun NPA, runs through an immense limestone mountain. Your imagination will be in overdrive as the boat takes you further into the bat-black darkness and the fear dial will ratchet up as if you're on some natural Gothic ghost ride.

A section of Kong Lor has now been atmospherically lit, allowing you a greater glimpse of this epic spectacle; your longtail docks in a rocky inlet to allow you to explore a stalactite wood of haunting pillars and sprouting stalagmites that are like an abandoned Star Trek set.

Boat trips through Tham Kong Lor take up to an hour each way, and in dry season when the river is low, you'll have to get out while the boat operator and point person haul the wooden craft up rapids. At the other end of the cave, a brief five minutes upstream takes you to a refreshment stop. Catch your breath and then head back in for more adrenaline-fuelled excitement.

Life jackets are provided. Be sure to bring a torch (flashlight) as the ones for rent are inadequate, and wear rubber sandals: the gravel in the riverbed is sharp and it's often necessary to disembark and wade at several shallow points.