Bolaven Plateau Region restaurants

Laotian in Sekong

Khamting Restaurant

Ask a local to recommend a place to eat and this is probably the only name you'll hear. It serves good stir-fries, noodle soups and Thai standards. The forest animals on the menu are rarely available, but even if th…
Laotian in Attapeu

Huean Phae Nang Gulap

Down on the river with beautiful views, 'Ms. Rose's Raft' is great for a sundowner. The food is good, though only a tiny section of the menu is in English. Just order any common Lao or Thai dish and they can probabl…
Laotian in Attapeu

Sabaidee Attapeu

It's all about the setting here, in a converted wooden house with a broad deck overlooking the Se Kong and the distant mountains. The menu features grilled and fried meats galore, but also lighter dishes such as a d…
Laotian in Sekong

Thida Hotel Restaurant

Although its perch high above the river with good mountain views would be enough reason to dine here, the kitchen holds up its end of the bargain with good Thai food including the obligatory tom yam gung and stir-fr…
Vietnamese in Attapeu

Thi Thi Restaurant

The Dúc Lôc Hotel's restaurant serves some of the best Vietnamese food in town. Various fish dishes and soups, plus fried rice and fĕr (rice noodles) grace the menu.
Laotian in Tat Lo

Saise Resort

Saise Resort has good food (mostly Thai) served on a great deck with an awesome view of Tat Hang waterfall. It's worth making one trip out here during your stay.
Market in Attapeu

Talat Samakhixay

Vendors hawk baguette sandwiches, fĕr (rice noodles) and other street foods during the morning at Talat Samakhixay, near the bridge.
Laotian in Salavan

Sabaidee Salavan

One of the few dining options in town with an English menu, Sabaidee has all the standard Lao and Thai dishes, but also offers sukiyaki.