Tourist Information in Tat Lo

Tat Lo Tourism Information Centre

This helpful office runs the Tat Lo Guides Association. It should be your first stop if you need a guide or info on local excursions, or plan to venture deeper into Salavan Province. Maps and brochures on the region…
Tourist Information in Sekong

Sekong Provincial Tourism Office

The tourism office is 700m west of the market on the central road. Don't expect much help here. Requests for guides are supposed to be submitted in writing two days before you wish to travel, though if you just show…
Tourist Information in Attapeu

Attapeu Tourist Information Center

How much help you get here will depend largely on who's come to the office on the day you visit. English-speaking guides can be arranged, but only with several days advanced notice and the prices are not fixed.
Tourist Information in Salavan

Salavan Tourism Centre

The staff here is eager to help and some are knowledgeable about tourism in the area. It's south of the market, next to the large, glass-fronted Phongsavanh Bank building.
Bank in Sekong

Lao Development Bank

Located 200m southwest of the market on the central road. It changes Thai baht, euro, US dollars and more, and has a Western Union branch.
Bank in Attapeu


Changes US dollars, euros, dong and baht for kip. Also has an ATM and does cash advances on credit cards.
Exchange in Attapeu

Thi Thi Money Exchange

In the city centre, thus more convenient than the banks.
Post in Sekong

Post Office

350m southwest of Lao Development Bank.
Post in Attapeu

Post Office

Internet in Tat Lo

Tim Guesthouse & Restaurant