Top things to do in Ban Khoun Kham

Waterfall in Ban Khoun Kham

Tat Namsanam

The main local attraction is the impressive twin-cataract of Tat Namsanam, 3km north of town, although in the dry season, it's, well, dry. The falls are in a striking location surrounded by karst and the upper tier …
Historic Site in Ban Khoun Kham

Tha Bak Bomb Boats

About 18km east of Ban Khoun Kham, Tha Bak sits near the confluence of the Nam Kading and Nam Theun. The reason to stop here is to either take photos of the river or get out on the incredible bomb boats, which are m…
Viewpoint in Ban Khoun Kham

Stone Forest Viewpoint

As you approach Ban Khoun Kham from Rte 13, there is a sala (open-sided shelter) viewpoint between Km 32 and Km 33. Do not, whatever you do, miss the spectacularly dramatic scenery below; somewhere between a dream a…