Top things to do in Attapeu

Laotian in Attapeu

Huean Phae Nang Gulap

Down on the river with beautiful views, 'Ms. Rose's Raft' is great for a sundowner. The food is good, though only a tiny section of the menu is in English. Just order any common Lao or Thai dish and they can probabl…
Museum in Attapeu

Attapeu Provincial Museum

This large, elegant building holds a small humdrum collection with a few old rocks, weapons and UXO, plus countless photos of local dignitaries. The only things that make it worth a quick visit, other than the price…
Laotian in Attapeu

Sabaidee Attapeu

It's all about the setting here, in a converted wooden house with a broad deck overlooking the Se Kong and the distant mountains. The menu features grilled and fried meats galore, but also lighter dishes such as a d…
Vietnamese in Attapeu

Thi Thi Restaurant

The Dúc Lôc Hotel's restaurant serves some of the best Vietnamese food in town. Various fish dishes and soups, plus fried rice and fĕr (rice noodles) grace the menu.
Market in Attapeu

Talat Samakhixay

Vendors hawk baguette sandwiches, fĕr (rice noodles) and other street foods during the morning at Talat Samakhixay, near the bridge.
Landmark in Attapeu

Water Tower

A useful landmark.