Top things to do in Uzgen

Kyrgyz in Uzgen

Ash Borboru

Though the name is literally 'plov centre', any of the dishes off the local-cuisine menu go well with a fountain-filled courtyard overlooking the valley below. Orders should be submitted an hour or two in advance an…
Mausoleum in Uzgen

Imam Sarakshi Mausoleum

Though the current mausoleum is a 2012 rebuild, it marks the remains of an important religious figure from the Fergana region. Historically known as Shams Al'Imma (Sun of the Leaders), Imam Al-Sarakshi was a leading…
Archaeological Site in Uzgen

Uzgen Museum Complex

Three restored mausoleums here date to the 11th and early-12th century Karakhanid dynasty, when Uzgen was one of four regional capitals of the empire that stretched across Central Asia. Climbing the dark and winding…