Tajikistan Discovery Tour- The Kyrgyz Nomadic Lifestyle

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This tour is run by a local organization that aims to preserve, promote, and empower the Murghab region and people. Go horseback riding with locals in the summer pasture and help build a new kindergarten in Murghab, Tadjikistan. Spend the night with a local family in a homestay or in a traditional Kyrgyz yurt. Learn how to milk a yak and make delicious, traditional local butter. Revenue from this experience will be invested in the construction of a new kindergarten in Murghab as well as training seminars for local service providers.
Visit the summer pasture (locals call it “jailoo”) and experience the traditional ethnic Kyrgyz nomadic lifestyle. Spend your days with locals walking or riding horses, donkeys, and yak. Then, relax near cold, clear streams. Join the shepherds as they follow their flocks of sheep, yak, and goats across the expansive landscape. Test your skills while baking local bread, and milking yak. Later, spend your nights in local homestays or authentic Kyrgyz yurts. The tour will take you from Osh City in Kyrgyzstan to KaraKul Lake to Murghab in Tadjikistan to Job Borluk and back to Osh City. Day 1 Leave Osh City early in the day and travel by car to Tulpar Kol, a beautiful mountain lake where you’ll get a chance to get used to the altitude while taking in the wonderful views. Day 2 Early in the morning travel by car to KaraKul Lake, located in the Tajik National Park in the Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan. You’ll stop for a short break in and enjoy lunch around the areas. After, drive to Murghab, where you’ll spend the night in the home of a local family. Day 3Start your day with a visit to the local bazaar in Murghab before stopping for a traditional lunch at a yurt café. After lunch, drive from Murghab to Jol Borluk jailoo, keeping your eyes peeled for yak, sheep, and old tombs on the way. From the side of Rang-Kul village, you may even be able to see the top of Mustak Ata peak, over 7,500 meters tall! A trail in the gorge takes you up to the hill where you will be greeted by a stunning view of beautiful pastures. Descend the hill and cross the river to reach the local pasture. Observe and experience the daily routine of the nomads living there. Walk up to the hills around the jailoo and visit the yurts. Then, join women from the community and learn how to make bread in a special local oven called a “kazan.” Enjoy lunch in the yurt with fresh bread and butter. Later, spend the night in the yurt. Day 4 After an early breakfast, see how the locals milk yak and sheep before giving it a try yourself! Special boots and aprons will be available if needed. After enjoying some fresh yak milk with the families, learn how to use the separator to turn the milk into “kaymak,” the most delicious local butter! After lunch, go for a walk or ride a donkey, horse, or camel on the jailoo. Then, have a picnic with a tasty traditional meal. Later, return to a homestay for the night in Murghab. Day 5 Early in the morning, it’s time to leave for Osh! Stop in several places along the way, like Karakul village for lunch and Chiyirchik to taste horse milk. Later, spend the night at Ethno Hotel in Osh. Day 6 Return to the airport for your departure. Revenue from this experience will be invested in the construction of a new kindergarten in Murghab as well as training seminars for local service providers.

What’s included

  • Lunch
  • Local guide
  • Small-group tour

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  • The listed price does not include a $X parking fee, payable at the time of tour check-in.